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Edgewater Land Sale: Mitsuwa Marketplace


Mitsuwa is a Japanese supermarket chain in America, with locations in California, Illinois, Texas, Hawaii and New Jersey.

The Edgewater, New Jersey store is located on 595 River Road. It has a food court, a bookstore owned by Kinokuniya, a gift shop selling Bape clothing and golf clubs, a video store that carries DVDs and Laserdiscs of movies and a store selling Japanese ceramics and denki-gama, making Mitsuwa more of a mini-mall than a traditional supermarket. It is a small taste of what current Japanese multi-story malls, or subway stations, are like.

The supermarket section sells fresh produce and certified Angus beef, as well as Japanese drinks and snacks such as Yakult, Calpis, Ramune, Ikechi Shrimp Chips, Pocari Sweat, Pocky, Pretz, and Japanese liquor such as Sake and Shōchū.

The Books Kinokuniya bookstore section sells Japanese music CDs, novels, job applications, children’s books, manga, and imported magazines (including dozens of Japanese fashion magazines) such as Weekly Shonen Jump and Disney Fan.

There is also a kiosk that sells Ito En tea and Minamoto Kitchoan that sells Japanese sweets such as manju, mochi, and Inja.