Edgewater New Town Homes

Edgewater Town Homes    Marquis     611 Undercliff Ave   23 Myrtle Ave  154A Undercliff Ave   156 Undercliff Ave    164 Undercliff Ave     1070 Harvard      434 N 8th Street   508 Undercliff Ave

A small suburban community located in the northeastern part of New Jersey, in Bergen County, covering an area of 2.6 square miles and having a population of approximately 9624 residents (2009).

Edgewater, NJ was an industrial town that has been converted to luxury condominiums and townhouse community.
Centrally located along Bergen County, New Jersey’s “Gold Coast” on the Hudson River, the Borough of Edgewater is a lively and diverse community. Edgewater’s unique size allows you to walk to many conveniences and transportation options.
Waterfront parks and walking trails can be accessed along Edgewater’s River Front walkway.  Directly above Edgewater, on the top of the Palisades Bluff is the 167-acre James J. Braddock (“Cinderella Man”) North County Park, with woods, trails, dog runs and beautiful Woodcliff Lake.  Located along south River Road is a one acre, new public park, in the historic Shadyside section of Edgewater and newly renovated Veterans Park is just north of the Edgewater Ferry.
Shopping in Edgewater is beyond compare. Residents will have quick access to every type of retail establishment imaginable including; Target, Michael’s, Pathmark, Staples, Whole Foods, Trader Joes,  Mitsuwa, J. Crew, Banana Republic,  Anthropologie and many more.